Field Rules

  • Your mask must always remain on.
    • If for any reason you need to take your mask off leave the field, if you cannot leave the field, yell out "BLIND PLAYER, I NEED HELP". Someone will then come and help you leave the field.
  • You must have a barrel blocking device on your gun and be muzzle aware when you are not on the field.
    • If you don't have a barrel plug buy one or use your finger. We will let you borrow one the first time you forget, but not the second. Muzzle awareness is keeping you barrel pointed towards the dirt or in the air, never at another player unless on the field.
  • The MAXIMUM chrono speed is 300 fps.
    • If you don't know how to check it or change it just ask. We will be glad to help.
  • To be eliminated in paintball you must be hit by a paintball and have it break.
    • If a paintball hits you and bounces off you are not out. If a paintball hits you and bounces off and you call "hit" or "out", you are out. If you signify out in any way you are out. If you are shot in the gun, pack, or anything else you are carrying, you are out.
  • When you are out, raise your gun above your head and scream "DEAD MAN ".
    • Put your hand on top of your head and walk off the field. If you see someone in this posture, please don't shoot them. Screaming anything other than "DEAD MAN" will be lost in the fire fight.
  • Please be fair and honest.
    • If your out call yourself out. We don't like wipers or cheats and both will be dealt with accordingly. If you have a problem with another player, please tell one of the refs. Do not handle it yourself. There is als0 no need to over shoot another player, it only takes one ball.
  • Only shoot in the designated areas and at the proper targets.
    • Don't shoot any of the animals. Don't shoot anywhere but on the fields or at the chrono station. Don't shoot anything man-made that wasn't built with the intent for paintball.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. Only one warning will be given, the next incident, the rule breaker will be asked to leave. Of course we can't really enforce that on the public fields, but we will not play with you and neither will the others there. Rules are put in place to protect us all and provide for a safe fun enviroment.