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Position: Captain
Name: James Strutton
Quote: "A path unchallenged, is a destination unearned."
Future Goals: To better myself through helping others.
A few words: As leader of Fatal Paint I strive to lead by example, every order given is one I would accept. You can find me anywhere on the field, from the front line to the back. I enjoy several roles on the field but have the most fun with a pistol in one hand and my sword in the other.

Primary Weapon(s):
  • Custom AGD Tac-One
  • AGD ULE Pumpmag
  • Custom AGD Chrome Pumpmag
  • Wooden Ninja Sword
Secondary Weapon(s):
  • AGD Minimag w/Low Preassure Valve
  • AGD Automag 68 Classic
  • Shotgun (Modified Hammer Pump)
  • Warsensor WS-66
  • Ariakon ACP 1.0
  • Ariakon ACP 2.0
  • Pirahanna USP
Special Weapons:
  • Lots of Nerf Rocket Launchers
  • Remote Control Mortar
  • Rubber Ninja Stars
  • Rubber Knives