Name: Ernie Evans
Age: 27 DOB: 12/10/1980
Playing Since: 1997
Quote: "Revenge is a dish best served cold. "
Future Goals: ...
A Few Words: My first dabble into the sport of paintball and I was hooked after all in what setting could you shoot some one and get away with it.
Then when I learned of Scenerio paintball it all came together for me, after all I had played years of pen and paper Rpg, from Warhammer to Shadow run.
Mix that with the fact that paintball is a community that looks out for its own and I was all about it.
That and where else could you shoot a person dressed like a elf.

Primary Weapon(s):
  • Smart Parts Ion
Secondary Weapon(s):
  • Bt Iron horse
  • X-7
  • 98 custom
  • Ariakon Sim-4
  • Tac-8
  • Wooden Ninja Sword
Special Weapon(s):
  • SP Rocket Launcher